Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Truth about Burlap

 I made a wreath for St. Patrick's Day:
I did it with strips of burlap, gathered and tucked into a wire wreath frame from Jo-Ann. (I know they are available at Michael's, too.) This wreath almost didn't happen, though, because of a disappointing discovery I made:


Have you worked with it? Burlap is EVERYWHERE right now, from wall hangings and lamps to pillows and bags. I was so excited to find a huge piece of bright green in my stash. I knew it would be perfect for a St. Patrick's Day wreath. So I cut a few strips about 5 inches wide, and began to gather and tuck and pull and perfect...and that's when I realized...I was covered in teeny tiny green specks of fiber.

I'm talking so small that it was basically dust. I didn't move. I called for my Dust Buster, and I called for my lint roller. Ugh. I stashed everything away for the night and decided to revisit the project in 100 years.

But I really could see this wreath in my mind, and I wanted it! So, armed with the vacuum and a large workspace, I dove into the green and came out with something I really love.
I had planned to add bows and baubles in green and gold to make it extra St. Patrick-y, but in the end I tied on a plain bow in a dark green velvety ribbon, and I love it.

So. Now you know the truth--everyone is using burlap in their projects, but no one is telling about the awful cleanup. Am I the only one? Is my burlap defective? Perhaps no one has mentioned it in their tutorials because they haven't encountered this problem.

But if this is the norm, then beware: If you want to get on the burlap bandwagon, be prepared to inhale the fibers and blink them out of your eyes. And then change clothes. And then shower.

And then hang up your wreath and enjoy it!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gather Your Green and Gold

We are feeling very lucky around here:
Look at all those four-leaf clovers! This garland actually has 17 shamrocks, and I've hung it on the dining room wall.
I love how this project turned out, and I may keep this up year round to keep the luck flowing!

We are fortunate to have so much magic in our area: We've seen many fairy rings on the lawn, after a good couple of days of spring rain. 

Then, while watering the garden this past summer, I stumbled upon a patch of four-leaf-and-more clovers. I meant to mark the spot, so the kids could hunt for more, but I got excited and ran away with these:
So yes, there are very busy wee folk all around our house, and there is magic in the air. More on that later!

First, I'm off to make something happen with this stuff:
By the way, have you noticed that burlap is the new chevron? Lucky me, I just might be on trend this time.