Sunday, June 2, 2013

Painted Cork Board Tutuorial

I'm always looking for more ways to organize. Having the right tools makes life fall immediately into order, right?

Anyway, I've been wanting a large dry-erase-calendar-with-a-cork-board combo for awhile now, but the ones I liked cost between $20 and $50. So it could wait.

Then I found this beauty at a thrift shop: 
Yes, it's in tough shape, but for $1.00?

I decided to make it work!

There were a few cosmetic problems.

The permanent marker on the dry erase board washed right off with a spritz of rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth. I've used that trick many times on different surfaces with good results.

The sticker residue also came off nicely with a dab of the rubbing alcohol and the help of a fingernail.

The marker on the cork board definitely wouldn't wash off, but I had an idea I could paint over it.

First I pried off the label, as I didn't want to paint around it or over it.

Then I painted the cork, using this:
 The color is number 660, Pure Gold.

By the third coat of paint, the marker was totally covered.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. While the board would still have been useful in the state I found it in, these few easy and cheap fixes make it so much prettier!

Ready to magically transform household chaos into structure and order! 
If only that calendar could stay nice and blank for awhile....